Video: Lamborghini employees enthralls crowd with sound of the V-12 Veneno

At the recent Geneva Auto Show, employees of Lamborghini wowed the crowd when they fired up the 6.5L V-12 engine of the very exclusive Veneno.

We came across this video on YouTube that captured the wonderful mechanical sounds of the supercar that was based on the Lamborghini Aventador.

The Italian supercar manufacturer brought a grey Veneno to the halls of the motor show in Geneva with accents of red, white, and green.

Lamborghini actually has three other samples of the Veneno that they had in pure green, red, or white shade. These units have actually been sold to car collectors with a really hefty tag price of 3 million euros per vehicle.

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Lexus News: 2014 IS more evocative

2014-lexus-is-6_653Lexus designers made sure that the 2014 IS will standout from the rest of its competition. The team certainly worked doubly hard to inject a whole dose of aggression to the compact sedan that will surely attract luxury car buyers.

The production version of the 2014 IS was influenced a lot by the LF-CC concept vehicle that made the rounds to different car shows last years. The car makes use of the spindle grille and also sports a revised set of taillights. The IS will be available as an IS 250, an IS 350 and an F Sport trim level.

For the interior, the Lexus IS will be much like its bigger sibling the GS that features low dashboard and more of a horizontal design inkling. The infotainment system will make use of a mouse-like knob that is also featured in other Lexus models. It will come standard with weather update system and traffic update at least for the United States market. The instrument cluster will have one round gauge that will have reconfigurable screens.

The designers also took a hint from the feedback of consumers and improved the room of the rear cabin. The standard IS models will have wood trims while the F Sport variant will have a 3D effect trim for the interior, sport seats, and a steering wheel with better grip.

The Lexus IS is expected to go on a head on collision with the likes of the C-Class of Mercedes-Benz, 3-Series of BMW, the S60 of Volvo, and the ATS from Cadillac.

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Audi News: Meet the new Q crossover vehicles

Audi-Q5Once Audi is able to implement its new strategies for its line of Q crossovers, consumers will have at least seven Audi Q models. The odd-numbered Q models will be geared to be more of the rugged, adventure-oriented SUVs. The even numbers from Q2 to Q8 on the other hand is still on the drawing board.

Audi Q2

During the auto show in Paris, Audi showcased the Crosslane concept, a proposed version of the Q2. The design of the vehicle was inspired by the targa roof that went mainstream back in the 1960s. While it sounds cool to have an open door Q2, product planning will most likely favor a hardtop, four-door Q2. The concept vehicle sports a hybrid drivetrain that has a rating of 280 mpg based on European standards. If the Q2 will be using the platform of the A1 quattro, most likely the new Audi Q2 can go on sale before the end of 2014.

Audi Q4

The Audi Q4 is derived from the Q3. It is a 5-door coupe that will share the DNA of the next gen Tiguan. The new Q4 will also get a new body with a lower stance and designed to be more dynamic. There might also be some space for a two-door Speedster version. Aside from the usual Q3 engines, the new Q4 might have a plug-in hybrid set up that will be borrowed from the Audi A3. There will also be a high performance version that depends on a 310-HP engine.

Audi Q6

The manufacturer has tapped into the DNA pool of the Q5 crossover to spawn the Macan. This will be a low-roof ride using the MLBevo architecture. It will have a bi-turbo V-6 diesel engine that can crank out 313 horses. The vehicle is expected to be lighter, more aerodynamic, and stiffer than is sibling, the Q5.

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Spotlight: Porsche Panamera GTS White Storm by Anderson Germany

porsche-panameraThe White Storm is another tweaked car in the block that is sure to catch everyone’s attention. It was created by the tuning firm Anderson Germany and based on the Porsche Panamera GTS. The White Storm was given a new look and new personality by enhancing the visuals, performance, and the car’s interior.

The software for the V8 engine has been remapped and uses a three-stage sport exhaust system resulting to an additional 17 horses to its output. This results to the 430-hp V8 engine that can give out 508hp.

The Panamera GTS White Storm’s body kit consists of headlight bezels, a pair of side skirts, front skirt with spoiler lip, a revised rear bumper with diffuser, new tailpipes, and taillight accents. To add visual drama to the White Storm Anderson added smoked lights and tinted windows.

It rolls on wheels that measure 10×22 inch hugged by 265/50-22 tires on the front axle and 11×20 inch 395/25-22′s for the rear.. The stylish shoes complement the chassis of the White Storm. Anderson Germany also added a three-stage adjustable suspension that can lower the ride by as much as 30 mm.

A combination of leather and Alcantara on the light brown theme makes the seats very elegant, and add to that a white diamond stitching to provide some highlight. The white accents and trims of the cabin adds personality to the whole interior. A high end sound system with amplifier, subwoofer, and several speakers is a welcome addition for the audiopiles out there.

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2013 GS F Sport recalled by Lexus

Lexus recalls 650 units of the 2013 GS 350 F Sport RWD because of the potential that the steering wheel may get off-centered.

According to Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, the early production vehicles of the new GS 350 F Sport rear-wheel drive has potential problems with the electronic control unit responsible for the steering wheel’s variable gear ratio. The problem may surface when restarting the car right after the car is parked with its steering wheel turned.

The dealers will update and calibrate the setting of the electronic control unit of the variable gear ratio.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA has not yet posted the information on their website about the 2013 GS recall.

The 2013 Lexus GS is not under defect investigation of the NHTSA nor are there complaints by consumers about the 2013GS.

Toyota clarified that there are no other models under the Lexus and Toyota brand that is under the same recall.

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Video: ACR-X Dodge Viper completes Nurburgring lap in 7′ 03 seconds

The SRT Division of Chrysler is schedule to unveil its new Viper in the auto show in New York in a few weeks time but that does not mean that the old generation of Viper does not longer pack a potent strike.

The ACR-X or the track only version of the Dodge Viper is the most potent of its kind and recently tested the grounds of the Nurburgring completing its lap in a matter of 7 minutes and 3.058 seconds. It is about 9 seconds faster than the street legal Viepr ACR but it also made a record lap for a race-car rolling out straight from a factory.

The ACR-X which did the test run is a car designed for the Viper Cup series. This vehicle takes the platform of the ACR but some key changes were made. Aside from the V10 engine that gives out 650 horsepower, the ACR-X gets an upgraded exhaust system, roll cage, race seat, and a race-spec fuel cell.

We can only expect the SRT Division to make more potent performance cars so it might not take long before we hear of a Nurburgring run lower than seven minutes.

Watch how the ACR-X zoomed around the Green Hell of Nurburgring.

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HBH reveals Aston Martin inspired Bulldog GT supercar

Dutch supercar manufacturer HBH which crafted the Zenvo ST1 is currently busy with a new supercar inspired by the 1980 Bulldog by Aston Martin. The new speed monster will be named as the Bulldog GT and will have a very exclusive run as HBH will only make one unit.

The Bulldog GT’s design was revealed by HBH thru a computer rendering. According to the carmaker, the Bulldog GT will get a mid-engine configuration but it will be based on the V12 Vantage of Aston Martin which is front engined.

The goal of the supercar project is to make a car that fits the likings of those who buy Aston Martin but will also be satisfying the craving for extreme performance.

HBH will upped the ante by installing a twin supercharger on the 6.0L V12 engine of the Aston Martin Vantage. The upgraded setup should output 675 horsepower with a torque of around 548 lb-ft. The power of the engine will be transmitted to the wheels thru a 6-speed manual transmission.

HBH claims that the Bulldog GT will be able to race from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.9 seconds with a top speed expected to hit 186 mph.

The supercar has prototype versions in the works which will be ready for test runs after around a year. HBH only plans to build one unit of the Bulldog GT but may increase production if the demand will be there thru a smaller Bulldog GT series. The decision is still not final and will really depend on the call of the client who commissioned the Bulldog GT and if the potential buyers will be willing to make a deposit prior to production.

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Preview: The 2011 BMW M5

All about luxury, sport and performance, the 2011 BMW M5 was announced in 2010, but was recently shown as a concept model at the April 2011 Auto Shanghai exhibition. With an estimated price tag of about $125,000 US, this vehicle is for the most serious buyers, those interested in a car that becomes one with its driver. As the fifth generation of the trademark M styling, the M5 is billed as “barely street-legal” by BMW, due to its superior performance usually only exhibited by cars at the race track. With an impeccably designed interior, and beautiful Merino leather upholstery, this model is a crowd pleaser.

m5 badgeAs if the M5 was not powerful enough, the 2011 model has been upgraded from the 5.0-liter V-10 to the 4.4-liter, twin-turbo V-8. The added horsepower (total 600) and torque (500) will make this model extremely appealing when backed against its competitors like the Audi S6 or the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG with 518 horsepower and 485 of torque. Even though the new engine offers more power, it was developed in attempt to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. With a maximum speed of 155mph, the 2011 BMW M5 will take off like a rocket with its seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and Drivelogic system. Although official information has not yet been confirmed, there has been talk that a manual transmission will be available for cars sold in the US and Canada.

The new design of the M5 is refined, but at the same time sporty, with a serious focus on aerodynamics. BMW actually calls the design “subdued” in their promotional material. Further, the M5′s construction uses more lightweight materials than other models. Carbon-fiber and aluminum are integrated heavily into this design. The front of the vehicle is made with an aluminum space-frame, while the back of the car and the passenger section use steel monocoque for safety. The front view of the car is indeed quite sharp looking with its dual grills and chrome bumper vents. Elegant details mark the door handles and double-spoke wheels of the car.

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